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The Herb Cottage Nursery is a rural nursery in Lavaca County, TX with a focus on herb plants of all kinds, seasonal vegetable seedlings and a great and varied selection of succulents and cacti. We are one of only a handful of nurseries selling Olive Trees in the area.

The Website has products for sale as well as lots of information regarding herbs: how to grow them, when to plant, how to easily incorporate herbs in every day cooking and how to include herbs in a total healthy lifestyle. There are planting schedules for herbs and vegetables as well as lots of links to more informaton. I'm all about information here at The Herb Cottage!

I hope you enjoy your visit!

Contact The Herb Cottage:
  • Office Phone: 979-562-2153
  • Cell Phone: 361-258-1192
  • Email: cindy@theherbcottage.com
  • Botanical Interest Seeds
  • Vetiver Grass for Erosion Control and Herbal Products
  • Olive Trees
  • Natural Fertilizers
  • Herbal Hydrosols
  • Herbal Salves- right now these are only available from The Herb Cottage in person at Markets. Coming soon to the website.

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    The Herb Cottage is proud to have plants for sale at the Industrial Country Market outside of Columbus, TX. The Market is a treasure trove of the unusual, necessary and eclectic. Browse through batteries, garden hoses and nozzles, wheels, imported foods, plastic ware, backpacks, gloves, toys and much, much more. Then, go outside into the greenhouse- all automatically watered- and check out plants for sale from The Herb Cottage as well as different hydroponic growing systems.

    Look around outside and notice all the water capture features, storage tanks for water, the bog gardens and ponds. The whole of the Industrial Country Market is run on Solar Power.

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    To follow my comings and goings at Markets, Herb Shows, presentations and workshops at local nurseries, please visit the Schedule Page.

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    If you are a Market Gardener in the South Central Texas/Houston area and would like to find someone to grow vegetable seedlings for you, please contact me. I can grow any type of vegetable seedling you might need. Contact me to discuss pricing, seed acquision- you purchase seed and get it to me, or I purchase the type of seed you'd like- , timing and more. References available.

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    This was Helmut, my Rooster Greeter. He lived in a pen because his eyesight wasn't good. I was afraid he'd be lost if I let him out. He was quite happy in his 2 story condo, especially when visitors arrived. Wasn't he a beauty?

    One morning I realized I hadn't heard Helmut crowing and cackling from his pen. I looked inside, and he wasn't there. I couldn't believe it. Then, I inspected his pen and noticed the wire at the bottom had been pulled up. There were feathers around the area. I think a raccoon got in and took Helmut.

    Helmut had a good life livening up my little nursery, keeping me company when I worked with the plants. I miss him, his antics and his crowing, cackling and whistling.

    May he Rest in Peace.

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