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Purple Basil The Herb Cottage Website is your source for information about herb growing and gardening, with an emphasis on growing and gardening in the humid south where winters are mild and summers are very hot and humid with the occasional hurricane or drenching rain. As with many parts of the country, the weather seems to have become more extreme, and as gardeners, we have to learn to do our best to cope with the weather. We sure can't change it!!

Gardening Tips and Ideas

  • Sticking Cuttings
  • Companion Planting
  • Fall and Winter Gardening for the Southern and Gulf Coast US

    The Growing Taste Vegetable-Gardening Site. I put the link to this site here because it is really more about growing and gardening information. This site tells you about seed saving, which is becoming more and more popular. You will also find a list of generally how long seeds will last when well stored.

    Here is a link to a Garden Journal you can use year after year. It's very simple to fill in. You can make it as basic or fancy as you like. It is a PDF, so you can fill it in and store it on your computer or you can download and print it out so you can add seed packs, leaves, pressed flowers or whatever you like. Think of it as a Garden Scrapbook, if you wish. Most of all, have fun with it.